Making it easy and affordable to eat fresh, organic fruits and veggies EVERYDAY!
Blue Basket Organics is a front door, organic produce delivery service for the Reno/Carson City area.  Arrangements can also be made for the Dayton, Minden, and Gardnerville areas.  Baskets are designed each week and delivered, fresh either weekly or bi-weekly to your doorstep.    
Choose from three different basket sizes loaded with different varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Full Bushel Basket - 12-16 fruit and vegetable varieties - enough for a large family or group to share.

1/2 Bushel Basket - 10-14 fruit and vegetable varieties - enough for a small family.

Peck Basket - same fruit and vegetable varieties, just less of it - enough for 1 - 2 people.
Blue Basket Organics strives to provide in-season, locally grown and commonly used fruits and vegetables at better than grocery store prices.  
Supports organic and sustainable agriculture by using only food that is grown and handled without toxic chemicals and is distributed and sold as close to the farm as possible.  We prefer organic farmers in Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington and use them whenever possible.